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  • День рождения 20.09.1983


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    Чугров Дмитрий
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  1. dmitrych

    rFactor 2

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  2. dmitrych

    rFactor 2

  3. dmitrych

    rFactor 2

    В шиной модели ещё дальше продвинулись с этим паком. Получили много информации от шинников и гоночной команды. Our close collaboration with teams and manufacturers have given us even more detailed insight into the tyres that they are running on these cars. On top of that, our laser scanned version of Sebring gave us an excellent opportunity to compare data to a 100% accurate track. The data prompted us to make some updates to our model, and since the GT3 cars are using the same tyres, our next step will be to go back to and implement and test the tyres on those cars too, which in general will make them a bit slower.
  4. dmitrych

    rFactor 2

  5. dmitrych

    rFactor 2